•Our Services•

OuttaSight Organizing has served clients thoughout the United States and in Europe.

  • General organizing and decluttering My goal is for you to open your closets and think “Aaaaahhh” instead of “Eeeeek.
  • Space planning, redesign, and decluttering to ensure maximum use of space After a functionality assessment, I develop a plan with you. Because I have been trained to read and understand construction documents, I can be the liaison between you and the architect and/or designer, so the professional has a thorough understanding of your needs and you know exactly how your needs are being met.
  • Moving and relocating to any size space, from 250 to 60,000 square feet Moving – when all your possessions are in boxes or piles and nothing has an assigned spot — is the perfect time to assign everything a home and make it look beautiful. Many of our clients have multiple and/or seasonal residences or extensive renovations that may require extended temporary relocation.
  • Closet design  After an initial consultation to determine your specific needs, we provide detailed preliminary drawings and follow up with your contractor, builder or construction team.
  • Creation of customized manuals for household staff This might include a service provider contact list, emergency lists, shopping lists, instructions for setting up and replenishing guest rooms, pantry, etc, as well as other household systems and procedures.
  • Photo archiving Working with you to organize your family photos, arranging for digital scanning or analog storage. 
  • Storage inventory Detailed cataloguing of Items stored temporarily or long-term, with photographs and measurements.
  • Setting up a new home including a nursery for a newborn, packing camp trunks, and/or shopping and organizing for college life I also on occasion accompany students to campuses and help them set up their rooms.