•Why Hire Us?•

•OuttaSight• has solutions to problems like these:

  • “My whole place is a mess. Can you do something, please?”
  • “All my work is spread over my office in piles.”
  • “My teen’s room is a wreck.”  “Will you set up my files?”
  • “I must move to Chicago with rooms full of stuff.”
  • “All the closets are small. They just don’t hold enough.”
We’re aware that to you all these things are a pain.
But they’re puzzles to us, and solving them is a game.

If the breadth of our work isn’t quite clear to you,
Here’s the briefest description of that which we do:

  • Go through kitchens and closets, kid’s rooms and your own
    As we weed out what’s good and what’s old or outgrown.
  • Give you help in deciding what stays and what goes
    And assure you you’re right with whatever you chose.
  • Set up closets and drawers so that everything fits
    From fish poachers and towels to your best St. John’s knits.
  • We will work with designers and architects’ plans
    To leave room for Manolos and Le Cruset pans.
  • Find a spot for the vacuum, canoes, that spare shelf
    And then train you to find them—your very own self.
  • Oversee any move, whether short haul or long
    And resettle your things so they’re where they belong.
  • We will list all the items to be shipped or be stored
    Using photos and notes so detailed you’ll be floored.
While we’ll sort through the Xanax and all of your meds,
It’s our work in itself that can really calm heads.

You will find we don’t rest ‘til your job is done right.
Going out of our way is why we’re •OuttaSight•